Chauffer Service To And From The Airport

VHA makes sure that the standard of service they provide all their clients with is the highest possible in terms of safety and reliability and that it comes within cost effective prices. They very well understand that getting late for a flight is not something anyone would ever want so for each and every booking, they make sure that the driver reaches at the airport to pick you or at your place to take you for airport at least five minutes before the promised time. And in case due to heavy flow of traffic it is late, maximum by fifteen minutes, which is very rare then the client is entitled to a fifty percent discount on the price of the ride. The luxurious cars they have in their fleet are especially ideal for business and companies that have regular meetings with overseas clients. These guests are often delegates from various national and international companies and one need to take good care of them. To do so, the private driver Melbourne are instructed to meet the expected passenger at the very terminal they arrive in order to avoid any inconvenience. 

For further convenience, the client is informed on the night before about all the essential details regarding the driver such as name for identification and contact number to get in touch; through a message. Although there are numerous cars in their fleet, but what is special about them is that they never in greed for more bookings will make false promises with clients, rather they always keep a margin before booking so that the customer does not get in trouble anyhow. In addition, all the decent chauffeur hired under their company are highly qualified in their respective domain as well as experienced. And the best part is that because these chauffeurs have a first-hand experience gained by driving in Melbourne, they are very well aware about the roads, and turns and traffic. All vehicles that are driven are fully licensed as well as insured. Even if a vehicle gets damaged under certain conditions, the insurance money up to five million dollars can be claimed for.

To make business easier, they have fixed prices over the most used routes, such as from the airport to anyplace in Victoria and so on. These also include the general sales tax and the tools that a vehicle may come across on the way. The most import piece of news is that they do not increase the rates even during times when the flow of traffic is higher on streets. So if you are interested in knowing the quote of your next ride, you can do so either by directly calling them at (03) 93712666 or by calculating it through a price calculator. Even within the category of luxury cars, there are numerous options from which one can chose, for example if the entire family intends to travel, then you can book the seven seater car or so depending upon the family size and luggage you are carrying.