Let Your House BARN!

Ever thought of building a Barn at your backyard? No? then what are you guys waiting for! Start thinking of it right now. Say goodbye to all your worries. You can now store all your farm materials, store grains, hay and whatever you like in our state of the art Barns that are built with precision, endurance and are water proof, just in case you would like to store grains and other food stuff. We at Melbourne garages offer best quality barns and sheds that suits all your needs and applications.

Barns style sheds are our most famous star product that offers barn style sheds, its dual nature makes it the most popular product of Melbourne garages and has been our highest selling product of all time. Our innovative design your own shed cater all your needs so perfectly that you won’t even think of customizing your own design. Our barn sheds are designed in a way that it provides extra extended centre height, allowing to store products that are huge in terms of height for example, boats and caravans. Along with that, their customized and inventive designs make them perfect to be used as Stables due to their ample open construction.

Our tailor made barn sheds are designed in a way that it fits and suits all your needs in a better and efficient way. You can even add a mezzanine floor to your barn shed now to opt for vacant huge space that can be filled to store different items. We at Melbourne garages adds different features to our tailor made designs so that it fits in perfectly to your needs. Our valuable customers are given the option to add certain customized features into are already ready-made designs, i.e. they can install stairs, balconies, windows and additional compartments to increase storage area.

A special advantage of our barn sheds is; it can be used as a play house for kids at the backyard, by adding Class 1 dwelling, allowing a safe, secure and care free environment and let parents enjoy their lives more pleasantly and it can alternately be used as a living space for a couple and kid. Melbourne Garages offer three designs in their Barn sheds category.

1. American Barn:A two layer shed that allows to hold livestock and animals at the lower ground where as the upper floor can be as a storage area for holding grains and other stuff.

2. Quaker Barns:Quaker barn sheds are more stylish and unique looking sheds that allows to store stuff that has large heights. Along with that, extra floor can also be added in the Quaker barn shed.

3. Champion Barns:Champion barn shed are most favorable to be used as stables and are the market leaders. Its unique style allows housing of horses and the facility can also be used for horse breeding.