What Is The Procedure Of Debt Recovery?

It Might be possible that your customers have turned out into nonpaying customers. Before the debts turned out to be bad debts, you need to opt for friendly manner to send reminder through the bad debt recovery Sydney and demand letter collection. It must be the escalation process for contacting the customers regarding the outstanding payment. There may be certain practices regarding contacting the customers that can be banned in country, Australia so beware of not doing them.

  • Contact your customers with the friendly reminder for payments. Give you customer a reminder call, message or email when their payment becomes overdue for the first time. It should be friendly reminder. IT may be quite sufficient when you contact them for the payment. There is a possibility that they have forgotten their bills, the payment has been done in the wrong accounts, or might be there is a minute or small issue that can be solved quickly and easily. 
  • Contact with the payment reminder that is overdue. When the payment stays outstanding, and the next payment date that is agreed is missed by the customers, or no contact is done at all, make another call to the customers for reminders. You may also send another letter or email reminder of the accrued amount and make a request for payment.
  • Contact the customers with the final notice. When the customers do not pay according to the agreed terms for credit reporting agenciesand they again missed the dates extended for payments. Make a call for discussing the outstanding payments invoices as well as request payments.
  • Try to contact directly to your customers. When you get no response or payment from your customers, try visiting them in person or making them phone calls, but make sure not to make calls more than the limit because that is a criminal offence in many countries. Opt for different means of contacting them in comparison to the last way of communication done for payment. This will facilitate in building personal and good relationship with the customers that will be useful and helpful for future payments.
  • Send the formal demand letter. IF you have made all the possible efforts of contacting your customers and none has worked successfully, then send them letter of demand as the last resort because it has the potential of destroying your relationship with the customers.